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Swim Essentials Water Hammock Oval Neon Leopard Print

Swim Essentials | Waterhangmat | Water hangmat Neon Panterprint


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Unwind thanks to the Swim Essentials water hammock with radiant neon Leopard print! You'll float wonderfully on the water, but won't have to put in any effort yourself thanks to the water hammock. The net lets the water through, so you can enjoy the coolness of the water while you relax in the sun. The water hammock is 155 cm long and 75 cm wide and features a stunning neon-colored pink Leopard print. The water hammock is suitable for girls 6 years and older and is easily and small packed to take with you on vacation or to the beach. Thanks to the brightly colored Leopard print, you will attract attention in the water and on the beach this summer. The water hammock is oval and this ensures an ideal lying form in the water. Come and relax completely this summer with the Swim Essentials Water Hammock Neon Leopard Print!