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Swim Essentials Puddle Jumper Sharks

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With the Swim Essentials Puddle Jumper with cool Shark print, your son will enjoy water fun this summer completely safe and in style! The puddle sweater swim straps are attached to the back and cannot be removed by your son himself. This ensures that your son is safe in the water. The carrying capacity of the puddle sweater is 15 to 30 kg, which is approximately equivalent to an age of 2 to 6 years old.   The puddle sweater consists of one piece that is attached to both arms and the chest with a buckle on the back, so that the whole thing stays in place while swimming. The puddle sweater swim straps feature a cool shark print in a brilliant blue and orange color. This will make your little son stand out when he wears the puddle sweater. The inside is made of foam and provides plenty of room to move. If your son doesn't want to wear the puddle sweater in the water for a while, we also have the Swim Essentials Children's Lifejacket Sharks!