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Swim Essentials Luxury Pool Airbed Tropical

Swim Essentials | Water luchtbedden | Luxe Zwembad luchtbed Tropical


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The Swim Essentials Luxury Pool Airbed Tropical is the coolest airbed for summer 2021! with a jungle tropical print in a cool green color you will attract attention with this airbed! The luxury waterbed is higher and wider than normal airbeds, which ensures that you can optimally enjoy the water. You're not lying halfway into the water, but nicely above the surface. The pillow also provides more comfort to your neck than normal water airbeds do. The Swim Essentials Tropical air bed for the pool is designed entirely in the Swim Essentials style and is also fun to combine with, for example, the Swim Essentials 300 cm Tropical family pool. This radiant water airbed with green tropical print ensures that you steal the show this summer! The inflatable airbed is suitable for boys and girls over 6 years old with a maximum weight of 80 kg. Radiate through the summer with the Swim Essentials Pool Airbed Tropical!