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Swim Essentials Swimming Pools

Swim Essentials Inflatable Pools
Swim Essentials will complete your garden this summer with a beautiful inflatable pool! A unique print on each inflatable pool ensures that your children will shine as they enjoy the water fun. Swim Essentials has inflatable pools for all ages in different shapes and sizes.

Swim Essentials Baby Pools
The smallest inflatable pools from Swim Essentials are suitable for babies. Small round pools with a diameter of 60 cm so that even the littlest ones can enjoy some cooling during the hot weather. Each baby pool has a unique Swim Essentials design and ensures that your baby will shine this summer! The Swim Essentials baby pools contain 2 rings and are filled with 15 liters of water, so that your child is in absolutely no danger in the baby pool.

Swim Essentials Kids Pools
When your child has become too old or big for a baby pool, Swim Essentials has designed children's pools with unique designs. Round pools with two or three rings with a diameter of 100 cm or 150 cm and each with a unique Swim Essentials design. We opted for striking and calm designs, so that there is something for everyone. Your child will shine this summer in your Swim Essentials children's pool!

Swim Essentials Rectangular Pools
In addition to round pools, Swim Essentials has also designed a rectangular pool for every family in multiple sizes and designs! For example, there is the choice between a Swim Essentials rectangular pool of 2 meters or 3 meters. All rectangular swimming pools from Swim Essentials also have a unique design, so that your children will shine this summer.

Let the summer begin with the Swim Essentials inflatable pools! A round pool or a rectangular pool with a unique design in which your children will shine this summer!