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Swim Essentials Swimming Armbands

Swim Essentials Swimming Armbands
Swim Essentials has designed the most unique armbands for all children between 0 and 6 years old. Striking designs, the best quality tested swimming rings and free from harmful chemicals. That makes the Swim Essentials armbands the right choice for your child! The round swimming rings are divided into two age categories: 0-2 years and 2-6 years. The suitable weight of your child is 0-15 kg for the swimming rings 0-2 years and the appropriate weight for the swimming rings 2-6 years is 15-30 kg. The inflatables have been tested before, during and after production and therefore comply with the strictest European legislation, making them the best tested inflatables on the market.

Best tested floats on the market
All Swim Essentials armbands contain a unique design with a cool print, such as the signature Swim Essentials panther print or camouflage print. In addition, all designs are in line with our other categories, such as the Swim Essentials baby floats or swimming rings. It has also been ensured that we have various choices in swimming rings for both girls and boys. Worth highlighting are our Swim Essentials 3D Wristbands Dinosaur 2-6 years. These armbands are the only 3D armbands in all of Europe that meet the strictest European requirements!